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Are you committed to gaining clarity and understanding your purpose?

1 to 1 Mentorship

We are always receiving information from the outside world but it's HOW we apply this information for the benefit of our own well being and the well fair of others that matters. How often do we truly check in with our life, untangle and re evaluate what's important to us?

I'm so passionate about transferable  skills and holding space for people to step into and embody a life filled with success, presence and abundance.

Mentorship can provide such valuable support for making empowered decisions, develop strategies for managing personal and professional issues, reinforce strengths and expose our work-ons whilst offering a confidential space to express any guilt and shame and create a container for accountability expanding to the next level of empowerment.

Ultimately it's about stepping into authentic leadership and BE-ing the caretaker of your  life and the CEO of your own existence.


All the clients I have worked with in this way are truly thriving and living a purpose driven life while having fun in the process.

I hold an extremely professional and potent space energetically and equally a soft, light compassionate presence, this is all done in the comfort of a wonderful private space in the heart of south Liverpool


1-1 Privates
Group Mentorship:
Level 4 - Embodied Excellence

A mentorship program for authentic potential 

This 12 week program is designed to illuminate our authentic potential, unlock our gifts and embody an energy of effortless flow and natural consistency.

This creative and grounded platform is experienced over 6 fortnightly sessions which will last for a minimum of 3 hours looking at all areas of mastery such as authentic leadership, purposeful action, multi levels of intelligence, inner connection and much more. 

Join me on this flight to the peak and effortless productivity, elite performance, education and inspired potentiality.

Level 4
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