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Welcome to our conscious common-unity:


A next generation platform for inspired growth and soulful connections.

Are you ready to embrace the wonderful energy of connection?

My name is Martin Bone, I am a meditation teacher and lifestyle tactition with over 20 years of service coaching people from the world of sport and leisure to a new holistic paradigm of embodiment, meditation and personal development.

After all this time coaching and teaching people within my eco system of self mastery I’ve come to the realisation that people are longing to belong; there is a thirst for connection... AUTHENTIC and EFFORTLESS connection. 


Our lives dramatically change for the best when we supported by one another in consistent conscious practices. 


Without the power of group connection and consistent practice it's easy for old patterns to resurface. We can quickly loose our empowered vibration and begin to isolate ourselves from those we truly love to spend time with.

"Today, I choose a healthy and loving relationship with myself, and others"

The formula for such inspired togetherness and joy seems to be in the containers of nature, meditation, breath-work, group gatherings and adventure. 

These cornerstones remind us of our own magic so we can embody this abundant and empowering vibration individually and collectively. 


Therefore I am leading a gathering of like-minded souls to form an exclusive community, one where we come together regularly for continual expansion.


This CONSCIOUS common-unity will be called:

The Alliance

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"Bring like minded souls together and the magic happens"

This is a next generation platform where people can come together regularly, grow together, enhance their wellbeing and provide meaningful connection to one another for expansion and prosperity.

This platform offers everything you need to step fully into your power as a human being and become part of a movement. 


Each month we will come together regularly online (via Zoom) and offline in nature around the North West as a community to enjoy the power of group connection with a selection of conscious connected practices. 

I will also be hosting two yearly large networking events focused on leadership, mindfulness, relationships and spirituality with some inspiring guest speakers I met on my journey.

Members will also receive full access to all of the content from the Creating Space Meditation app and Planet on Demand: Yoga Fitness & Pilates under our new online platform 'Creating Space'. 


By combining both of these offerings into one easy-to-use platform, you have access to a content library of over 250+ videoes to upgrade your consciousness and wellbeing at the touch of a button

For more information on the huge library of content offered within Creating Space please click here.

As a CONSCIOUS common-unity we want to empower family-led business' and keep our financial energy flowing locally. Therefore I have partnered with a selection of purpose-driven wellbeing brands across Liverpool to offer YOU upto 30% their products.

Our current partnerships offer the following:

Fuel Station

The UK's number 1 Juice Detox  service

(30% discount on all products)


Float Planet Liverpool

The ultimate relaxation experience

(25% discount on all products)

Martin Bone Meditation

(25% discount on all products)

Planet Yoga

The number one place to practice

(10% discount on classes)


Hivibe Nutrition

100% planet based meal prep service

(20% off Juice Cleanses)

Feel Supreme

Award winning UK supplement brand 

(20% off all products)

AI Healthician

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

(20% off all products)

With membership to The Alliance you'll get instant access to: 

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Live Guided Meditations

Join Martin Bone live on Zoom every fortnight at 6:30AM for a themed morning meditation.

Monthly Nature Gatherings

Join the Creating Space community each month as we gather in nature to connect with one another through meditation & breathwork.

Full Access to the 'Creating Space' platform with over 250+ videos 

Gain access to our full library of guided meditations, tutorials, podcasts, yoga & pilates videos. New content uploaded each month.

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Leadership Seminar Events

Each year there will be an invitation to a  large networking events I am hosting that focusing on leadership, mindfulness, relationships and spirituality, including some inspiring guest speakers I met on my journey.

Upto 30% off
local wellbeing products

As a community we want to help support family-led business and keep our financial energy flowing locally. Receive upto 30% off wellbeing products with our specially selected local partners

Connected Weekends

Each year there will be two invitations to join us as we enjoy a weekend in nature connecting to one another through meditation, breathwork and adventure.

What to expect when you join The Alliance

"The work I’ve done with Martin has taken me to another level, not just spiritually but in my work life too"

Tom Owens - Private Football Coach


Frequently Asked Questions 

"How much does the membership cost?"

- For full access to The Alliance platform the investment is £12.50 per month (no minimum contract!) 

"How do I access the Creating Space online library of over 250+ meditations, tutorials, yoga & pilates videos?"

- When you sign up to The Alliance you will receive a purchase order email showing you how to add the library to the home screen of your mobile device. Paid members can always view the Creating Space platform by simply logging into their account on and navigating to the 'Creating Space' page.

"How will I know where and when the Monthly Nature Gatherings take place?"

- When you sign up you will receive a monthly newsletter via email containing a calendar invite to this month's Nature Gathering. This newsletter will contain all the information you need

"Where can I find the Zoom link for the Weekly live meditation at 6:30AM?"

- We will provide all the Zoom links within our monthly newsletter you receive via email. Any recordings of live sessions will be uploaded to the Creating Space platform.

"Where are my discount codes for the local wellbeing businesses you are partnered with?"

- We will provide updated discount codes each month within our monthly newsletter via email. 

"How will I know where and when you host the Holistic Seminars and the Conscious Weekenders?"

- All members will be notified via email of upcoming events such as seminars and camping weekenders. We will also be spreading awareness via social media in the lead up. (@martinbonemeditation)

"Why is this membership so cheap considering the amount of offerings you have? What's the catch?"

"Haha, no catch. None. Creating Space is the unification and culmination of my life's work weaved together into one simple, easy to use,  easy to afford platform. I simply want everyone to be able to experience the magic of meditation, mindfulness and soulful connections with one another, online and offline" 

"How do I sign up?"

Click right here to sign up today!

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