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Dear loyal subscriber, thank you so much.

If you are reading this message then you are likely one of my long time subscribers from the Scouse Guru app.

This is a personal, heart-felt thank you, from me to you. 

Thank you for supporting my app and engaging with my content for so long.  

It has been loyal subscribers like you who have made this app one of my proudest creations on this earth.


It began as a tiny spark of an idea - "How can I share my teachings with the world?"


At the time, I could not think of a bigger gift than compiling all of my deep learnings and teachings over the past 20 years into a handy library you could access anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. 

I took action and birthed this wonderful creation to help serve as many people as possible each day to help awaken their inner power and bring their lives into balance and harmony.

I truly hope it has served you well. 

As my own teachings and offerings have evolved over time, I've lately been returning to the idea:

 "How can I share MORE of my teachings with the world?"

 And so, once again, I've manifested a new idea, one that transcends the Scouse Guru to a whole new level.

A new upgraded platform that serves YOU with the chance to receive my teachings both in-person and online. 

One I truly hope you can join me in.


I'm calling this new creation: THE ALLIANCE

The Alliance will offer:

- Weekly LIVE meditations on Zoom 6:30AM with me Martin Bone

- Monthly Nature Gatherings (in person)

- All the Scouse Guru content (+ New uploads each month)

- All of Planet on Demands Yoga & Fitness content (+ New uploads each month)

- Yearly holistic networking seminar event

- Upto 30% off selected products with our local wellbeing business partners

- Conscious connnected adventure weekends

- Shared resources and book club

All of these empowering offerings can be accessed for the small investment of £12.50 per month

Please accept my personal invitation to move over to our new community 'The Alliance' and enjoy a whole range of new offerings as well as continuing to enjoy the existing content from the Scouse Guru app.


Martin Bone x

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