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Kahuna Bodywork

with Martin Bone

Join me to allow your body to surrender into a state of deep relaxation and receive the wisdom of Kahuna

The Wisdom of Aloha

My most recent form of personal deepening has come through the precious and unique healing modality of Lomi Lomi Kahuna Bodywork. 

I have undergone a deep mentorship with a

 Master Kahuna Bodywork teacher: Rosa Lee

I am inspired by the natural resonance found between the wisdom of Aloha and traditional Verdanta teachings.

I believe Lomi Lomi to be the bridge that connects this innate wisdom and allows us to communicate through the universal love language of touch and presence.

Are you ready for a reset?

This intimate journey of bodywork will help your mind body and spirit rest in a state of deep theta healing


Rest in your natural
state of be-ing

This system of nurture from Hawaii promotes deep nervous system relaxation and healing.

Through a combination of several massage techniques, this profoundly relaxing experience helps the body to return back to natural homostasis by remove toxins that prevent the flow of natural vitality. 


The loving touch of this healing system has so many restorative benefits and I'm honoured to share this sacred practice with you.

Return to presence through the language of touch

Attune your body back to it's natural rhythm through this deeply intimate experience

Join me on this unique experience

With the ever increasing demands on our nervous system we cannot allow the silent killer of stress to become our natural default. 

Join me and experience the restorative benefits of this intimate practice for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you.

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