Level 3:

The Magic 10



THE MAGIC 10 is a course designed to cultivate and affirm the behaviours and attitudes which come to life in our personal meditation practice and our impersonal day to day existence.


The course is a wonderful opportunity to work intimately with 10 attitudes that have immense power to transform our inner and outer world. 

With a heightened sense of awareness cultivated in our practice along side using these simple affirmations, together we are creating a platform for healthy, happy, holy living.
These qualities can have a positive and profound influence on the grand stage that we call life.


I’m very excited to take you on this 10 week journey mentoring your potential and intimately sharing this magic. 

Each week we dive into one attitude which has bold, noble statements attached to it and together I inspire and educate you how to integrate these powerful energies into your daily meditation practice and your life circumstances.


My work continues to develop organically and THE MAGIC 10,  is a course I am delighted to share with all who are willing to turn there gaze within, transform there mindset and upgrade there own internal intelligence while developing your own personal sacred practice.


I look forward to spending 10 weeks with you. 

To book onto upcoming Magic 10 courses or to find out further information please email martin@martinbonemediation.com or use the contact form below.


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