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by Martin Bone


Join our community platform built for personal growth and authentic connections

Welcome to The Alliance

This is a next generation platform for like-minded souls to come together regularly, enhance their wellbeing, upgrade their mindset and provide meaningful authentic connection to one another through the shared path of inner work.

Join today and discover:

  • An online platform filled with bespoke wellbeing content to help you step into your best self each and every day

  • A supportive community of like-minds and open hearts that you can connect with in nature each month 

  • A regular online group meditation class to deepen your practice and consistently support your journey

These offerings create a regular structure where you can step into an abundant, empowered vibration and be reminded of your own magic as a human being each and every day.

What's included in your membership:



content library

New content added each month

250+ videos focused on meditation, yoga, pilates, tutorials, techniques and my podcast 'Creating Space'


online meditation classes

Join us live on Zoom every fortnight at 6:30AM for a themed morning meditation, breathwork and movement class



in-person gatherings

Meet other like-minded souls each month as we gather in person to connect through meditation, breathwork and nature

Take your personal growth to the next level

Whether you are a meditation master, or simply just starting out, this community and online platform provides a wide range of offerings for your continual growth and expansion.


I've taken a decade of experiential learnings and produced a rich online library filled with practical non-duality teachings and trainings designed to educate, inspire and awaken a growth mindset.

This online platform has over 250+ unique pieces of content expanding into every area of holistic wellbeing and self development.


From mindfulness practices, tutorials on how to meditate, guided meditations, breathwork sessions, affirmations, beginners yoga, intermediate yoga, pilates, functional movement for wellbeing and much much more. 

These guided practices are in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 and 60 minutes, so you can choose the perfect session to suit your needs and honour your mood.

This platform will support you to make presence a daily habit and excellence your natural default.

Come and discover over a decade of wisdom, carry it in your back pocket, and access your true potential, anytime at the touch of a button.


Get started today with a no obligation 7 day free trial

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Join today and welcome these benefits into your life:


Motivation & support

We can't do it alone

Most people struggle to stay motivated to stick to new habits by themselves. Being a part of an authentic group supports and motivates us to go further than we possibly could by ourselves


Growth & awakening

We need to learn from each other

Our online library of simple, practical non-duality teachings and trainings are designed inspire and awaken a growth mindset for your personal evolution

Connection & belonging

We need to be valued and seen

A safe (non-judgemental) space to feel appreciated and valued by authentic like-minds and open hearts is the key to cultivating a life of gratitude

World class wellbeing, wherever you are

Access our online content platform with over 250+ guided meditations, tutorials, yoga and pilates classes from the comfort of your own home

"This is the best membership I've ever paid for in my life. The combination of live classes, in-person meet ups and the huge content library made it a no brainer for me. I'm stepping into my power each and every day because of it. Thank you"

Peter - Alliance Member

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Become part of a community filled with like-minds and open hearts

After all my years of coaching and teaching groups of people I've recognised we all have a deep desire for connection to ourselves and others.


Real connection, built on authenticity, appreciation and celebration


Without it we feel lonely, isolated and disconnected from ourselves and the world around us.


This is why our community meets each month in the containers of nature. 


We enable deep connections with each other through shared values and interests and together enjoy a guided group practice of meditation and breathwork.


Are you ready to step out from behind the screen, switch off your phone and detox in nature with us? 


Join The Alliance and become an important part of a community of like-minds and open hearts.


Start learning now and make excellence your default in just 7 days

Get started on our platform today with a free 7 day trial. Instantly access our offerings on mobile, tablet or desktop. Enjoy our live meditation classes, monthly nature gatherings and our online content library.

A next level platform for common-unity
A personal message from Martin

Are you ready for an upgrade?
Become part of The Alliance today

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