Welcome to
The Alliance

After all this time coaching and teaching people within my eco system of self mastery I’ve come to the realisation that people are longing to belong; there is a thirst for connection... AUTHENTIC and EFFORTLESS connection. 


The formula for such profundity where such inspired togetherness and truth is activated seems to be in the containers of nature, meditation, breath-work, group gatherings and adventure. 

These cornerstones remind us of our own magic so we can embody this abundant and empowering vibration individually. 

So, this next level platform has to come in the form of an exclusive community.


This CONSCIOUS common-unity will be called:


A next generation platform where like minded individuals can come together regularly, grow together, share innovative ideas, challenge narratives and foster a collaborative environment while providing value to one another for expansion and prosperity. 


Monthly offerings
What's included:

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Meditation & Breathwork

Each month you will have a selection of conscious connected practices, beginning every Friday morning on Zoom.

On the final Friday on the month we will bring this practice into the physical realm and come together in our home:

Planet Yoga 

Early Morning Nature Immersions

Each month as a community we will choose a beautiful location in nature to explore for our early morning initiation practice

Coffee & Cake Networking

Each month we will meet for a coffee and cake networking event where together we can further connect and share the skills of the group for continued growth and expansion.


We will also be inviting a range of exciting guest speakers to join us and give private seminars

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Community Buddy-Up

Experience the power of deep soulful connections with other community members as we buddy up each month and inspire each other through our conscious connected practices


Each month there will be additional conscious connected tasks posted in our private WhatsApp group for you to explore. 

This is your opportunity to continually evolve with the power of group accountability

Full Access to
Creating Space 

All community members will receive free access to the Creating Space platform with over 100 guided meditations and tutorials for your continued learning and expansion

This is YOUR CHANCE to be involved in a movement that is clean, professional and mindful

You will also receive an invitation to 4 full day outings a year which will take the form of camping trips, cold dips, guided hikes and fun adventures with other practitioners.

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Join The Alliance today

For now I am capping this community at 33 people with a monthly investment of £88.

Are you in?