Meet the team

We are a collective of individuals who have aligned our highest values and natural gifts in order to serve YOU. We will help you step into your forgotten potential and live a purposeful life. 

Our values are grounded upon with the foundation of serving the well-being of humanity and promoting the awakening of the self

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Martin Bone

Meditation & Life Purpose coach

Meditation coach - Spiritual Mentor - Mens facilitator - Yoga teacher - Proud father

I have spent 20 years coaching people from the world of sport and leisure to now the holistic dynamic of embodiment, meditation and personal development


My superpower is bringing people together to create a safe space for individuals to step into their forgotten potential


I have a unique blend of gifts and talents to activate deep transformation in the lives of others and my job is to educate and inspire people on all matters related to human behavior for the benefit of authentic connection, abundance and self mastery


Over the years I have gathered an extensive amount of experiential understanding on meditation and the nature of the mind and I share this knowledge in my own unique way to assist and guide others individually + collectively back towards natural wisdom + life force vitality.


My intention is to educate my fellow man / Woman how to walk the terrain of life with neutrality and make skilled choices with presence + answers.


I look forward to connecting with you


With love



Jordan Bone

Community Lead

I'll be your first point of contact when you embark upon your journey of self-discovery and step through the doors at the Martin Bone Institute.

I'm here to support the Martin Bone Institute and our Fellowship community, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

My own journey has been one of growth, personal development and the pursuit of presence. After completing a Men Without Masks retreat I have found personal fulfilment in the simple act of serving and motivating others. 


Jonny Hunter

Creative Director

I've been closely following Martin for over a year, capturing the wonderfully intimate and magical moments he has created by bringing people together. My role is to help communicate the power of these moments to the wider world and grow our community further.