Level 2:





Deepen your practice and embark on a path of self enquiry

I put this course together for anybody who is inspired to go deeper into the practice. It is a follow on from Level 1 and a wonderful opportunity to turn your light inward and investigate the nature of your own experience. As we move through the course we explore longer meditations, deeper more meaningful conversations as we begin to discover our true nature through direct experience of the Essential Self (stillness awareness) point consciousness, the full expression of our very essence. Using the tools we shared and learned in Level 1, we create the conditions for self-initiation, also known as self-realisation, and pave the way in bringing our truth into our actions, beginning a journey which is decorated with understanding and a neutral transmission of our potential into the world. All in all, this course will give the students a chance to reveal new levels of insight into the silence and stillness of our essential nature and rest even more deeply into deep relaxation, peace and contentment, cultivating more balance, harmony and flow.

To book onto upcoming Level 2 courses or to find out further information please email martin@martinbonemediation.com or use the contact form below.

"Another great course with Martin Bone Meditation. Just finished my Level 2 and what a course it was. This is the second time I've completed this course and for me it's more than just meditating - it's about the share, the support and the friends I have made and continue to make. It's the little things that are shared and said by Martin that strike a chord of learning and education with me and make me more aware/awake than I have ever been before. This is group therapy as well as a great course. In my opinion Martin brings a unique aspect to this whole thing that you won't find anywhere else - certainly not in Liverpool anyway. All my little meditation buddies I'm going to miss you!" - Lois Hill

​"The work I’ve done with Martin has taken me to another level, not just spiritually but in my work life too. Prior to working with Martin I was doing well from a business perspective but massively out of balance with the other elements in my life. Upon the completion of his level 1 & 2 meditation courses, I’ve been able to tap into my spiritual self which has immensely drove my business through the roof. I’m still exploring and seeking Martin’s work and excited for his future courses. I will be forever grateful to him for all his work!" - Tom Owens


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