Level 1: 

A Course 4 Life




Lay the foundations for your journey of self discovery With our new teacher: Polly Ann duff

Level 1 is knowledge-based. It is a 2-hour session once a week over a period of 5 weeks. This is 10 hours of material to give you a clear understanding of the techniques that we explore in the course. We use this time to build an inner structure very much like building a house so that we can see the themes of our thoughts and patterns of our behaviour.


We are laying simple, strong foundations for you to navigate the experience with clarity and understanding. The course is very simple to follow, it's fun, deeply relaxing and very transformational. Together we walk through the door of direct experience and I take you on a journey of self discovery.


Level 1 will give you the tools you need to experience the many benefits meditation has to offer mind and body, reducing stress, softening thoughts and reactions, understanding and transforming the mind, cultivating awareness and wellbeing, creating space in your life, reconnect, sewing new seeds of habit, finding stillness and inner peace.

For more information on booking a place on upcoming Level 1 Courses with Polly Ann please register your interest by emailing martin@martinbonemediation.com or use the contact form below.

"I’m so happy to finally be able to share the news that as of January 2021 I will be facilitating A Course for Life (Level 1).


I’ve been shadowing Martin for a number of years and this work has a very special place in my heart. I’ve witnessed the positive impact it’s had on my own personal life but also so many others and the community just keeps growing and growing.

Come join me on this life changing course. Diving deep into all things meditation and providing you with the tools to weave meditation into your daily life, then we start to watch the magic unfold!"


"WOW - where do I start! I am devastated after an amazing life-changing 5 weeks with THE BEST group of people who I am truly blessed to have met - you have all laughed with me, listened to me and wiped away my tears (I never cry). It's been a life-changing, emotional, unbelievable journey - anyone who knows me knows I've been in a dark places after losing my dad suddenly in May. I lost myself completely and my self-confidence took a major battering, but since I walked through the door of Planet Yoga everything started to change - I can say, hands on heart, this course has SAVED ME. It's given me hope that everything will be ok and it's given the fire back in my belly to be able to be back in control and to know my own self-worth. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 'Sir Martin Bone' (you need to be knighted) what a man you are - down to earth, humble, welcoming and just SPECIAL in every way - I cannot thank you enough for your amazing teaching skills, thank you for all your guidance, but most of all thank you for showing me the practice and for making me believe in myself again. I know my dad will be super proud of me. I promised myself I would be true to myself and honest from the start and that's what I was - you are a special soul who I feel blessed to have in my life. Anyone who is thinking of being involved in this magic do not think twice - book ASAP you won't regret it - my Level 2 was booked on week 2 of Level 1!" - Sarah Jane


"The Level One meditation course was informative, practical and motivational. The camaraderie generated by the group interaction was very uplifting; given the short time frame of the course. The teaching was of a high quality, the instruction was clear, effective and supportive. Martin's delivery promoted contribution from all, was respectful and acknowledged the dignity of everyone. The content's impact is still resonating strongly and has clearly empowered a new level of awareness. Thank you martin." - Joe Welsh

"The work I’ve done with Martin has taken me to another level, not just spiritually but in my work life too. Prior to working with Martin I was doing well from a business perspective but massively out of balance with the other elements in my life. Upon the completion of his level 1 & 2 meditation courses, I’ve been able to tap into my spiritual self which has immensely drove my business through the roof. I’m still exploring and seeking Martin’s work and excited for his future courses. I will be forever grateful to him for all his work!" - Tom Owens


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