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Embodied Excellence

with Martin Bone

A12 week self development program designed to illuminate your authentic potential, unlock your gifts and embody an energy of effortless flow and natural consistency.

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Make Excellence
Your Default

This program is fueled by a treasure trove of excellent teachings that I have personally experienced across the many years of my own journey to self mastery.

Join me on this journey to:

- Discover what you truly want from life

- Create lasting lifestyle change

- Design a purpose driven life

- Embody excellence in everything you do


Join me on this flight to the peak

This program will unlock effortless productivity, elite performance, education and inspired potentiality.


Develop your Principles of Existence

1. The Transformer (Being)

 - Creating a vision for your life and gaining clarity on your authentic values

2. The Action Taker (Doing) 

- Generating massive outward energy and directly managing your habits and boundaries

3. The Sovereign Leader (Thinking)

- Awakening your innate intelligence and identifying your creative skills and areas for development

4. The Lover (Feeling)

 Connecting to your sense of joy through deep nurture and personal vulnerability

This program will teach you how to activate and develop these 4 principles for your own sustained evolution

Develop an eco-system of self mastery

Give yourself permission to step fully into your potential and embody excellence


What's also included

Masterclass sessions

Together over six sessions we  explore all areas of self-mastery, such as authentic leadership, purposeful action, multi-levels of intelligence, sustained transformation, deep connection.

Shared resources

Each month there will be additional conscious connected tasks posted in our private WhatsApp group for you to explore.

I will also be sharing access to a number of resources that will help your growth and development.


Nature sessions

Together over five sessions we come together in nature to integrate the work we complete in the class room environment and strengthen the bonding container between the group.

Initiation Ceremony

The final session is the culmination of our time together on this special journey.


We finish with a 12 hour experience that includes an initiation ceremony, a chance for blessing and deep connection.

All will be revealed...

Buddy up system

Each week we partner up and complete tasks to inspire each other throughout our 12 week journey.

This is an opportunity to learn and support another like-minded individual and create deep soulful connections.

Aftercare Manual

Keep your teachings for life!

Receive a 50+ page PDF manual containing all the information shared during our masterclass sessions.

Registration for this cohort ends:

Don't miss your opportunity

Our next cohort opens in 2025

Frequently asked questions


"Is this program for me?"

If you are serious about self mastery and want to create a blueprint for an inspired life filled with joy and effortless flow...

Yes, this program is for you


"Can I pay in installments?"

Yes of course, you can spread the investment for this 12 week program into manageable chunks to accommodate your current financial situation


"What if I can't make all the sessions?"

We live in a busy world, it's understandable if you can't make one or two of our sessions for emergency reasons. There is the option of catching up with via personalised 1-1 session with me


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