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Welcome to
Embodied Excellence

Are you ready to experience what it means to live a purpose driven life?

I invite you to join me on this profound and intimate journey to unlock your authentic potential. 

Embodied Excellence (Level 4) is proving to be a one of a kind mentorship experience here in the heart of Liverpool.

This 12 week immersion is designed to illuminate your own mini culture, unlock your gifts and embody an energy of effortless flow and natural consistency.

Together we make deep soulful connections and dive head first into the heart of what it means to embody excellence and have fun in the process 

This creative and grounded platform is experienced over 6 fortnightly sessions which will last for a minimum of 3 hours discovering all the areas of self-mastery, such as authentic leadership, purposeful action, multi-levels of intelligence, sustained transformation, deep connection and more


What's included:

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Masterclass sessions

Together over six sessions we  explore all areas of self-mastery, such as authentic leadership, purposeful action, multi-levels of intelligence, sustained transformation, deep connection.


We will reframe our definition of success, explore our own personal mission statement and honouring our own self worth.

Early Morning
Nature Immersions

Together over five sessions we come together in nature to integrate the work we complete in the class room environment and strengthen the bonding container between the group.

These sessions are an excellent opportunity to recharge the mind and enjoy the healing qualities of nature, whilst deepening our connection to each other.

Private 1-1 sessions

Each participant will have the opportunity for a private mentorship session at Planet Yoga to receive personalised guidance and feedback on their journey.

Private mentorship can provide such valuable support for making empowered decisions, develop strategies for managing personal and professional issues and expanding to the next level of empowerment.

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Community Buddy-Up

Experience the power of a tribe of people committed to supporting each others evolution.


Each week we partner up and complete tasks to inspire each other throughout our 12 week journey.

This is an opportunity to learn and support another like-minded individual and create deep soulful connections.

& Shared Resources

Each month there will be additional conscious connected tasks posted in our private WhatsApp group for you to explore.

I will also be sharing access to a number of resources that will help your growth and development.

Initiation Ceremony

The final session is the culmination of our time together on this special journey.


We finish with a 12 hour experience that includes an initiation ceremony, a chance for blessing and deep connection.

All will be revealed...

"This program is fueled by a treasure trove of excellent teachings that I have personally experienced across the many years of my own journey to mastery." - Martin Bone

I truly believe that once we set up our own environment for a win win, highly sustainable and successful life we can become enriched and create a solid foundation for abundance, flow and prosperity in all areas of our human experience 


Join me on this flight to peak and effortless productivity, elite performance, education and inspired potentiality 


Join Embodied Excellence today

This 12 week program is ran twice each year with a limited number of places and always sells out. If you are interested take action and book your deposit today to secure a place. 

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