One Day Silent Immersion

Create space and harvest the fruits silence and stillness has to offer

This event is designed for deep relaxation and rest, not just at the level of the body but also the mind. It's a perfect opportunity to create space and harvest the fruits silence and stillness has to offer. All levels are welcome to dive into the joy of meditating, Hatha yoga, holistic treatments, sound therapy and deep relaxation. During the day we explore different methods from many forms of meditation to deeply nourish and replenish our system. The retreat is designed to create the conditions to experience calming of the mind, blossoming of the heart and deep relaxation while maintaining a noble silence throughout the day. The investment is £49 and that includes all meals throughout the day.

I love holding space for the silent immersion from my own direct experience a wonderful opportunity to have a relationship with reflection and contemplation. A chance to be guided by the internal teacher of stillness.

To book onto upcoming one day silent immersions or to find out further information please email or use the contact form below.


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